When To Change Engine Oil? What Happens If You Don’t Change It?

When To Change Engine Oil? What Happens If You Don’t Change It? 

Owning a vehicle is quite a blessing due to the amount of mobility you get. However, owning a car also means that you’ll need to maintain it. There are several components and fluids in your vehicle that need to be replaced after certain intervals to help it run well. 

One of these is motor oil; probably the most important fluid in your car (after gasoline). It not only lubricates the parts of your engine. But it also helps keep it from overheating. But despite the importance of this fluid, we still tend to miss out on oil changes. 

So, what exactly is the importance of an oil change? When should it be done? And is there an app that can remind you to do so? Let’s find out.  

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Oil?

In simple words, you’ll lose your engine. Motor oil is constantly circulating around the engine to keep it running. It bears the high temperatures and dust particles in the engine. It eventually becomes oxidized over time and not changing it will turn it into sludge

This sludge will clog everything up and cause friction, causing enhanced wear and tear. It will eventually prevent your engine parts from moving. This will lead to an engine overhaul, of course. Many tend to miss out on oil changes not just because they forget, but also, to save time and money. 

However, an overhaul won’t just cost you thousands of dollars. But it will also consume a lot of your precious time. Your car could be in the shop for an entire week. This can cause you to miss work or crucial business hours. A simple, well-timed oil change can prevent all of this. 

Oil Change Time vs Mileage

A large misconception amongst motorist is that oils are only to be changed after time intervals. This means that they tend to keep driving thousands of miles and not change their oil because “it’s just been a month since the last oil change”. They’ll be at their local repair shop in no time. 

In reality, you are to change your oil after driving a certain number of miles on it. Time intervals are only considered if you don’t drive much. Most vehicle experts recommend an oil change at least twice a year then. This is simply because the oil gets ruined due to the moisture that builds up in an unused vehicle. 

How Often Should You Change Oil? 

People will give you all sorts of numbers; most oils today will give you a mileage of 5-7k miles. But in reality, it all depends on the type of vehicle, its maker, and the type of oil. Check out your owners’ manual and you’ll find the exact number of miles recommended by the manufacturer. 

If your vehicle is driven a lot, and you don’t really have time for an oil change, go synthetic. Synthetic motor oils may be pricier. But they can also give you three times more mileage than regular oils. They’re also better for your engine. They can be a great alternative to the manufacturer’s recommended brand. 

The Best Oil Change Reminder App Today

Forgetting an oil change is normal when you’ve got a busy schedule. This is why you’re recommended to get the SpeedSlip App. This will give you oil change reminders according to your automaker’s recommendations. In this way, you’ll change your oil on time, and save a lot of money. 

Apart from maintenance tracking, the SpeedSlip App also offers the following: 

  • Trip tracking

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  • Diagnostic data storage

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