SpeedSlip - The Best OBD2 APP


As car enthusiasts, many of us share our passions for travel. Driving for either leisure or sport takes hundreds of data points into consideration. SpeedSlip is an app that can be utilized by all drivers, from those who want to casually share their travels, all the way down to the hardcore enthusiasts looking to work on their project vehicle.


With an easy-to-use interface, SpeedSlip OBD2 data logger allows you to continuously monitor your vehicle’s health and travel history. That data can then be used to improve performance, share lap times with friends, or just view it out of sheer curiosity.


How It Works


The SpeedSlip OBD2 Bluetooth app takes advantage of already existing products, making it easy to use. It all starts with an OBD2 device such as the cheap and readily found ELM 327. After plugging it into your OBD2 port (which every modern car should have), you will be able to transmit and record your car’s diagnostic data directly to your phone.


A popular choice for many enthusiasts is the Torque Pro app. While it works, their interface methodology can be daunting to navigate for the layman and doesn’t offer a location to upload too or view. With the SpeedSlip platform, users can either keep their Torque Pro app running and simply point to SpeedSlip, or, use the SpeedSlip OBD2 Bluetooth app. In the end, the user is able to record and later view and share trip data like never before. The SpeedSlip app is also available on both Android and iOS to anyone with an OBD2 data logger.


Monitor Your Car


Knowing how well your car is performing is an essential part of car ownership. You don’t need to track your car in order to care about your engine’s health. Monitoring your OBD2 data can be essential to prolonging your vehicle’s life, finding issues before they arise. The SpeedSlip OBD2 Bluetooth app makes it easy, allowing you to relive previous trips in an easy-to-view format.


For those needing a deeper knowledge of your car, Speedslip can show additional, more advanced, information. The OBD2 data logger can provide you with any diagnostic codes if your car is acting up, allowing you to know what’s wrong with your car before taking it to a mechanic.


The SpeedSlip Garage is also robust with tools outside just trip and performance. There’s an entire Garage section that lets users even track projects and view performance and cost over the entire life of their vehicles. 


Share Your Adventures and Milestones 


SpeedSlip is recognized as the best OBD2 app thanks to its abundance of features. With social integration, you can now connect with others to share your trips and performance data. You can share not only your saved trip pictures but also the route that was taken and how fast you were able to navigate the roads.


Adding to the list of features is a social leaderboard system. Race to the top for bragging rights and compete with your friends using various metrics across the globe. The leaderboards can be used for anything such as 0-60 mph times, to how quickly it takes you to finish a specific route.


So grab your friends and battle it out to see who can take the top spot.