If You’re a Motorist, Don’t Miss Out on This App!

If You’re a Motorist, Don’t Miss Out on This App!

Like most things, driving is subjective. For many, it is a tool to get from point A to point B. While there are others who see it as a way of life. The common denominator between them is that all their cars need maintenance. You cannot drive an unmaintained vehicle for long and that’s a fact. 

But maintenance has changed over the past few decades just like the average motor car. Cars have become increasingly electronic. The introduction of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) has a lot to do with it. Everything’s more digital and hence more accurate now. 

Computers control everything about your vehicle and they’re pretty good at their job. This has led to the introduction of vehicle diagnostic data. This has all the information about the internal mumbo jumbo happening inside your car’s engine. It’ll tell you exactly how your car’s running. 

Combine vehicle diagnostic data with another one of today’s hottest motoring features: trip tracking, and YOU’LL NEVER BREAK DOWN AGAIN. The SpeedSlip App will help you do just that. 

Why Knowing About Your Car Is Very Important

A vehicle is one of the most important possessions that one can have. This is because it helps you move around; whether it’s your daily commute to work or a nice road trip. Having a well-tuned vehicle is a blessing as it saves you a lot of money and time.

The SpeedSlip app has vehicle diagnostics which can bring you that trouble free life. They give you all the important info about your vehicle’s internals. Here’s why diagnostic data is important: 

Preventative Maintenance is Easier

Knowing how your well your vehicle is running is quite important for its maintenance. This is exactly like how your body works. You must have an understanding of symptoms for different diseases. So if you ever feel off, you what you’re going through and can get diagnosed.

This is how athletes keep themselves healthy and in shape. They have smart watches that monitor everything about them from their heart rate, sleep patterns, blood-oxygen consumption and more. This helps them get help if something’s not right. 

Vehicle diagnostic data does the same with your vehicle. You can get information about important vehicle essentials such as its horsepower, torque, RPM, fuel economy, etc. If there are any irregularities, you can get the car checked out before the problem gets serious.  

Breakdowns Are Prevented

So, let’s suppose you start tracking your vehicle’s diagnostic data. You begin observing the patterns of your car’s performance. Then you start getting the vehicle serviced regularly and it begins to run like a dream. What happens when your vehicle is running like it should?

You don’t break down on the side of the road! That’s quite a blessing if you’ve got an older car. Break downs are not just a nuisance that consume your valuable time. But they can also be dangerous if you’re travelling in a remote area. If you’re unable to fix the car and call for help, the situation can be dire. 

This is a common occurrence for those who frequently go out on road trips. It can ruin the whole essence of the excursion and cause a ton of panic. This is where the ‘preventive’ part of preventive maintenance comes from: it prevents break downs!

Money and Time are Saved

It is a universal truth that breakdowns can leave you stranded as you wait for help. It obviously costs you money as you get the car fixed up. But that’s not the only aspect in which you lose money. Getting to your job or business late can also cost you a lot more than you hoped for. 

Many aren’t keen on regular maintenance because of financial troubles. Now this is understandable but there’s another problem. Fixing your vehicle after it has broken down can cost you a lot more. Major overhauls can set you back in thousands of dollars as compared to regular maintenance bills. 

This is another reason why vehicle diagnostics are to be considered. They’ll help you quickly get to the bottom of the problem before the issue damages any other related components. But most importantly, you won’t be bamboozled by any auto technicians. 

You Don’t Get Scammed

That’s right; mechanics diagnose your vehicle by plugging in their OBD device. This also uses vehicle diagnostic data to tell them all that they need to know about about your car. Unfortunately, there are many mechanics that bill you for fixing problems that don’t exist. 

But when you’re aware of your vehicle’s troubles beforehand, you’ll know exactly what to expect. So, knowing about your vehicle’s data beforehand can save you from being handed expensive bills. This is how the SpeedSlip app brings the power to the people, by letting them know what they should. 

Bonus Feature: The app also gives you maintenance reminders so you tune your vehicle on time.

Trip Tracking and YOU 

Another feature on the SpeedSlip app is the trip tracking option. Many travel freaks tend to be careless on their trips because they’re not prepared, they don’t pick the right routes, and/or they aren’t able to track time. This can be very annoying and can ruin the entire experience. 

The trip tracking feature from SpeedSlip is something you won’t get on other diagnostic apps. If you’re an adventurist who likes to travel with friends and family, you’ll love this. It not only comes with navigation, but it can also help you keep track of your trip’s details. 

You’ll be able to get recommendations for the best routes and you’ll save a lot on fuel. This feature will keep you organized and you’ll be able to complete your goals with ease. The SpeedSlip app also allows you to check in and post photos and info related to your trip for other travelers. 

The Best Vehicle Logging App in The Industry

The SpeedSlip vehicle tracking app is the future of motoring. SpeedSlip’s OBD scanner is a cheap ticket into the world of vehicle diagnostics. Apart from the one-time charge of $10, you also get a free app with:

1) Trip tracking

2) Navigation

3) Diagnostic data storage

4) Project tracking

5) Social media for motorists

6) Competitive leaderboards

7) 100% compatibility with Torque PRO


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