A Vehicle Tracking System and Social Media

A Vehicle Tracking System and A Social Media Feed Combined into One! 

Road trips are a great way to get out of the house. They can be very exciting and full of adventure whether you’re with friends, or family. But that is only true if you’ve got a well-maintained vehicle. Plus, you need to truly know your vehicle before you embark on a trip. 

Both of these checkmarks require you to have your automobile’s diagnostic data at hand. This is where SpeedSlip’s Bluetooth device comes into play. 

This vehicle tracking gizmo won’t just provide your mechanic with your car’s vitals to diagnosis it better. But it will also use your regular old trip data to showcase your cool field trips. The whole setup is similar to Facebook, but for your travels. But unlike the usual social networking site, it’ll be much easier to use. 

This device is a must-have for adventurers and gearheads alike! 

What You Can Do with SpeedSlip

  • Track Your Trips Easily

With the Bluetooth OBD device that you’ll be getting, tracking your trips cannot get any easier. You’ll be getting an easy-to-use interface with a GPS. This will help you record essentials in real-time, such as torque, RPM, speed, temperatures, throttle responses, etc. 

  • Store Your Diagnostic Data Efficiently

Several apps help you track your trip data. They all have their pros, but one of their cons is that you cannot upload data or use it efficiently. SpeedSlip solves this problem by giving you an interface to store your data and share it with your friends and/or your mechanic. 

  • View Your Vehicle’s Progress

What happens when you record your vehicle’s attributes? You see how it changes with time. SpeedSlip allows you to TRACK YOUR PROJECTS! It’s quite the treat for car enthusiasts with their performance attributes and upgrades. You get maintenance reminders, and you can prove your vehicle’s resale value. 

  • Connect With Fellow Drivers

This is where SpeedSlip is in a league of its own. We’ve created a social networking database for adventurists and grease monkeys alike! Some cool features include taking and uploading trip photos, and vehicle-oriented posts with comments. It’s basically a social media feed, but motorist-oriented. 

  • Compete on Leaderboards 

If you’ve got a knack for competition, then you’ll love SpeedSlip’s leaderboard system. This is a perk of sharing your vehicle data online. You can compete with your traveler/racing friends on speed, distance, and social likes. Apart from keeping your car in shape to lead, the clout you can get is unreal!

  • Upload Data from Torque

Torque is one of the leaders in vehicle data recoding. Which is why it’s 100% compatible with SpeedSlip. If you’ve been using Torque or Torque Pro for a long time, great. You can simply upload your data from the app to the world of SpeedSlip. 

  • Save Yourself Money 

So, you’ll maintain your vehicle and its market value much more easily. You’ll also make new friends along the way, and establish new bonds with your old ones. The cost of all of this? A one-time price of $10 for our state-of-the-art Bluetooth OBD. 

So, order the SpeedSlip Bluetooth OBD now at: *link*

The supporting free app is available for both Google Play and App Store users.



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