Torque Pro and SpeedSlip

The Best Upgrade to Your Torque PRO APP Today!

Torque PRO is one of the best vehicle diagnostic apps available today. Torque allows you to monitor a lot of live vehicle data. It’s super useful and you get to see exactly how your ride is doing. Torque is a fine app for those who love to take care of their vehicles. 

But like everything else, it can be made better; a LOT BETTER. Here’s how you can add the best upgrade to your torque app today!  

What Is the Torque APP?

Unlike its name implies, Torque isn’t just an app for measuring torque. It checks all of your vehicle’s essentials including its timings, pressures, and power-related data. It connects directly to your car’s ECU, so it’ll bring up any error codes as well. As diagnostic data is standardized, it works with all vehicles. 

Torque is a great way to know what’s wrong before a mechanic looks at your vehicle. You just need to set it up right. However, you can improve the experience quite a bit. 

The Problem with Torque PRO

You cannot store your info from the torque app. This is because torque is good for reading your vehicle’s internal data, as long as your vehicle’s running. This means that you can’t just sit in your living room and view that data again. You must be connected to the vehicle to view what’s happening. 

This makes analysing the data difficult. But worry not as this is where SpeedSlip comes into play!

Why SpeedSlip Is the Best Upgrade for Torque Lite/Torque PRO Users

SpeedSlip is a vehicle-management app for the ages. Yes, it works similar to Torque in the sense that it gives internal readings for your vehicle. However, there’s a lot more that can be done with those measurements. SpeedSlip’s salient features include: 

Vehicle Data Storage

With SpeedSlip, you’ve finally got a database to store your data. You can also pull up this info any time you want, and share it with your mechanic beforehand. The diagnostic data will be featured on our interactive performance pages. You can scroll through these with ease. 

This is what makes SpeedSlip’s interface the best in the industry. If your car is well-kept, showing off this data will do wonders while selling your car. 

Project Tracking

A record of data also means you can see it change over time. If you like fitting your car with aftermarket upgrades, you can see how your vehicle has improved or downgraded. The app includes several metrics that are compatible with your daily driver or project car.

SpeedSlip’s helpful Project Tracking feature is essentially like watching a timelapse video. 

Maintenance Reminders

Plenty of motorists tend to forget about regular maintenance. But when you upload your data to SpeedSlip, you can also get reminders to get your car up to speed. 

This makes scheduled maintenance a lot more doable even if you’re busy. 

OBD Leaderboards

Car enthusiasts are more competitive than the average human. This is why your data can be featured on our leaderboards. You’ll be able to compete with other drivers in many aspects such as the top speed. 

With the leaderboard system, you’ll want to outdo your friends (and even random people online!)

Trip Tracking

SlipSpeed is another tool you’ll love to take on your roadtrips. This is because of our helpful trip tracking feature. It not only helps you navigate through a state-of-art GPS system. But you can also enter your time slips in the system to open them up later. 

You can record several telematics such as the distance and speed you’ve travelled. 

Bonus Feature: Automotive Social Media 

This feature makes SpeedSlip more than just a tracking app. If you’re an avid driver and a traveller, you can interact with countless people with similar hobbies as yourself. You can: 

  • Snap pictures and upload them to check in at your location 

  • Show off whatever you’ve got in your garage

  • Share your trip experiences with complete details of every excursion 

  • Look at your friends’ feeds to see what they’re up to

  • Use our forums for vehicular and trip-related discussions and recommendations 

  • Have conversations using the private messaging feature 

For truly enjoying the experience, you can get the SpeedSlip app and OBD device. 

Read Your Torque Data Easily with SpeedSlip (100% Compatibility)

The best part about all of this? You don’t even need to delete your Torque PRO application. We at SpeedSlip don’t believe in completely reinventing the wheel. Hence, you can simply point your data to SpeedSlip. This is especially helpful if you’re used to Torque’s dashboard. 

Uploading your Torque data to SpeedSlip will give you all of the aforementioned advantages. But if you want all of your information to be one place, you can switch completely to our platform.